The web home of Adam T. Lindsay

I am continually searching for a maintainable way to keep a presence online. This is my latest attempt.

I am a maker, a seeker, a developer, a husband, a father, and an ideas engine. I'm an American who has made his home in Europe for over sixteen years.

I have also been the following over the years:

  • A charter research scientist for the now-defunct Brussels-based Starlab research lab,
  • An early leader in MPEG-7 standardisation and development,
  • An electronic musician, contributing heavily to the Pd (Pure Data) open source project, and the Echo Nest Remix API.
  • A programmatic typographer, contributing heavily to ConTeXt, an open source typesetting system.
  • A memetic joker, creating LOLCODE on a whim.
  • An entrepreneur, co-founding SocialGenius, which established new social ways of enjoying music.

This site is intended to collect and archive past projects, including:

  • My personal blog,
  • Other archived blog material, including a selection of LiveJournal posts (stretching back to 2000),, and other miscellany.
  • Work and non-work projects (including old ConTeXt and Pd (Pure Data) projects and newer work on a Remix API).


Deploying an ad-hoc IPython cluster on Joyent in 20 minutes for 15 cents

This is a how-to for deploying an ad hoc IPython cluster for parallel computation on the Joyent Public Cloud (or other compatible ones, like Telefónica’s InstantServers or a private SmartDataCenter deployment). Most of this blog post — beyond the provisioning and some configuration detection — is adaptable to a private SmartOS ...

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