TextDrive has introduced a new product, Bingo!. 100 GB of solid, redundant, networked storage for $199 per year. It’s an interesting service model. It’s about three times the cost of Amazon’s S3 storage, but much more usable, and most likely more solid/redundant. Interesting thing.

I love using their StrongSpace product, but I think that’s largely a product of having paid for a “lifetime” account package, which was essentially 20GB of secure storage for life, for $200. (Mixed Grill upgrade, for those keeping score at home. I see the Joyent as an interesting bundle thrown in “for free,” which is exactly what they’re doing with the Bingo! plans, as well…) Paying that amount every year for five times the space? I think I need to be convinced of that.

Rental versus ownership, I think, is the issue here. I’ll need to comment more later.

(See also the Joyeur Weblog post on it, as well… and TextDrivers can pick it up at a discount using a code from the forums.)