Black in Apple’s new design regime

I saw the article, “In the iPod’s world, black is the new white” last night, and it definitely rang true to me in the context of an earlier post :

With those conspicuous white earbuds and that gleaming white case, the iPod is etched into our consciousness as an alabaster icon. Over the past year though, there’s been a quiet, seismic shift…

Steve Jobs and the crew at Apple seem to have created a design language where black means premium. Are people buying it?

To find out, Baker was nice enough to crunch another batch of retail data, this time on the MacBook laptops, which also come in white and black. His finding: In June, July and August, white MacBooks outsold black ones almost 2:1. But wait – the black ones were also more expensive, by about $200.

Obviously, given their thought process, they believed that black deserved a premium. The surprising thing is that it sells that well, given that it’s $200 more.” Baker said he would have expected, given the price difference, that white would have outsold black by more like 4:1. “It’s a lot to pay in a business where we haven’t paid extra for color before. That says to me it’s really successful.”

(Via The Utility Belt.)