Business hosting at TextDrive

[Note: The events and deals described in the post are currently in flux. I advise not acting upon the information contained within, for the moment.]

So, with respect to my recent post on getting a pseudo-Three Martini Lunch, I did it anyway.

That is, after talking with a workman (making estimates on work on the house) about the ridiculous charges from local web designers, I mentioned “something I already considered but decided against” to Rosemary. She’s also been brought up with a nose for a bargain, and, as expressed in Pounds Sterling, getting onto TxD’s premium service ladder-rung “for life” was appealing to her as well. It didn’t hurt that she had some joint-rainy-day money squirreled away, either.

So now we have a Mixed Grill and a Premium one-time-payment hosted Joyent plan, and even more eagerly awaiting the introduction of the Joyent Core.