Customer loyalty

As I’ve been documenting, TextDrive offers solid products for excellent value, and nurture a customer loyalty that most companies would kill for. For a while, over this past weekend, it seemed like the bargains I had been blogging about would disappear. It was sad, but somewhat understandable, as the sheer value of what they proposed to give away seemed extraordinary. I asked about the side-doors into Joyent Core that I had blogged about and acted upon. It seems like there was more to the situation than the CEO appreciated at first.

He came back with an offer that set everyone back on their heels. Those TextDrive VCs (lifetime plan members) who have upgraded their plans at some point would be rewarded fantastically. Those who haven’t already upgraded would get a chance to do so at a reduced price. There are lots of details, and dependencies on how you began with TextDrive/Joyent, but I tried to capture all I knew in the below flowchart:
The interesting thing about all this is that it inverts the pricing relationship with previous upgrades. VCs had to buy in twice to get the Mixed Grill, and (typically) paid more than those who came to the Mixed Grill directly. It made sense at the time.

Now, though, the lifetime plan structure is all about rewarding those who bought in early and often. Those VCs who upgraded to Mixed Grill will be moved up to the business-class product, and those who paid once and later will stay on a plan that (though upgraded) most resembles their current plan.

This reflects a loyalty to Joyent’s customers that I honestly have not encountered elsewhere.