Good lord, referrals do work!

So, when Joyent announced its referral programme, I signed up, because I’ve been experimenting with this monetisation thing on my blogs, and thought there was nothing to lose. As soon as I was approved for the programme, I went back and added links to an entry from the recent past. I checked on my account tonight, on a lark, and noticed I actually got a clickthrough commission.

The Google ads have been there from the start, and seem to have garnered some clicks as well. I get a (tiny) thrill when I check on that account and notice my running total go up. But, well, the numbers tell a story:

Google AdSense earnings to date: $0.58
Joyent Affiliate earnings to date: $209.85

Anyway, this is not meant to boast or gloat or drive more revenue. Perhaps it’s even unwise to reveal such personal details. I just thought that it might be an interesting data point from a guy who gets page-views per day in the dozens (yes, if you’re reading this, you are special). And I fully expect that the Joyent commission will be a one-off thing.

Still, it makes me reconsider the value of splashing ads all over my blogs. And if you sell high-value and/or high-volume products through the web, it seems like you could do far worse than enabling an affiliate programme through

(Oh, and if you’re the magical person who clicked through and bought that 3 Martini Lunch, step forward: I owe you (at least) a beer…)