I call that a bargain

[Note: The events and deals described in the post are currently in flux. I advise not acting upon the information contained within, for the moment.]

Over on the Joyent forums, Jason Hoffman answered a query saying that there is a backdoor discount to the equivalent of TextDrive’s Three Martini Lunch (3ML) special. If you pay for Joyent’s Lifetime Premier plan for the application suite, you’ll get upgraded to whatever the equivalent of the Three Martini Lunch will be.

It all hinges on a bit of faith, but what the 3ML will turn into will closely resemble:

  • Joyent’s Premier plan with 100 users/100GB of storage,
  • Strongspace’s Premier plan, again with 100 users/100GiB of storage, and
  • TextDrive’s Business hosting plan, with 20GiB storage, 60GiB/month of bandwidth, and loads of websites and databases.

…all for the life of the company (which seems very vigorous indeed, of late). So, for the price of ten months of any of these plans, you get the whole whack “permanently.”

I thought long and hard about this deal, if I want to jump in on it (the door seems to be closing this week), and I decided not to. Money is a little thin this month, and really, I have to work hard to get the full benefit of my Mixed Grill plan, anyway. The heavy-duty business hosting was the most tempting: I would love to be able to move successful sites onto a bigger server, but I don’t have anything that big in the pipeline. The Strongspace is also tempting: I already come close to my storage quota there, and 100GiB of secure, off-site storage sounds like a great deal. The Joyent portion would be tough to take advantage of, as it stands today.

Cast as an investment into the future, it’s sorely tempting. Measured against buying the equivalent amount of hardware (which, let’s be honest, probably will have the same useful lifetime), it’s looking a little pale. I’ve held off on buying an iPod with video so far, this should be easier to resist. Cast as a bargain, it’s amazing at $400 less than the normal “special” price.