I have nothing to say

Really, there’s nothing to say right now. I mostly wanted to post here because I could: I’m killing time in between flights at London City airport. This trip is my first time through the airport, and on my way out (to a meeting in Luxembourg), I honestly spent so little time in the airport it was a blur.

This time, on my return, I was left with too much time on my hands: I could theoretically have made a 7pm return flight after landing at 6:25, but would have had to pay £85 for the privilege of having to cancel the taxi, dealing with un-routed luggage, taking the train, and arriving at home probably one hour earlier than otherwise.


I’m in the departure lounge, going in via my phone, thinking that if I overrun my data allowance by a bit, it would still be cheaper than the £3 for half-hour local charges (par for the course, actually). And I have nothing to say. I don’t normally want to post personal drivel on this blog, but a guy needs a diversion.