Symphony, WordPress, Gallery, Flux

So, I discovered that the Symphony CMS is now for free. I had heard some nice things about it, and looked at it for a few minutes, when I was considering setting up this website, mostly because of the XSLT architecture. I took another quick look last night, and I think I’m still happy with this Flux CMS. Symphony felt a bit like a prettified TextPattern, with XSLT in place of tags. If it had been released for free perhaps a week earlier, I might have built on that architecture, but right now I have no regrets.

I also stayed up far too late last night getting the skeleton of Ian’s site up, using WordPress, Gallery2, and WPG2 linking them, in a subdomain of my site. On one level, it’s amazing how the pieces work together so easily. On another, there’s a lot of fine-grained tweaking that still has to live in stylesheets (which one, now?!) in order to make things right. I guess it’s a while before we’ll see an architecture that allows everything to be set up and display and interlock in just the right way.

One thing I would like to take from Symphony is their tumbleblog revival: my old site had one of those in the form of an unordered list on the front page, with pointers to pages updated on my site. Sounds like a helpful, light way of incorporating site news without being overreliant on the blog architecture. Hmm.