Tiers shed by Jason

[Note: The events and deals described in the post are currently in flux. I advise not acting upon the information contained within, for the moment.]

As a quick followup to yesterday’s post, I just wanted to point out that Jason once again carries the day with a pitch-perfect post further clarifying what’s happening with the shared plans:

On the “Connector” level (aka Joyent Core), there are three plans: shared 1, shared 2 and shared 3.

Everyone will be put in as one of those, and only those plans.

Did the mixed grill people put more into the pot? Yes, they did.
Will just throwing all lifetime accounts into shared 2 so we can move on and get everything rolled out probably justifiably make people who spent a little more upset (for a little bit)? Yes.
Will we fix that real soon with some special stuff for mixed grillers? Yes.
Will there be stuff to make sure the original VC200 knows how much they’re appreciated? Yes.

Remember what we’ve all done here (and we means you), we’ve built a good solid company (that’s at 18 full-time employees! and has customers) in 2 years (and it’s really only been a year since there’s actually been “staff”) and we’ve done it ourselves (and again, we means you). And we want as much of the stuff from this last year to be rolled out and movin’ by the end of the year, because there’s some even cooler stuff to move us all onto.

Which ought to be enough to make everybody happy, and end the anxious speculation. It also pretty much keeps my record as a prognosticator on this blog at about 0%. Of course, I’m right in bigger ways, as it’s now time to move from bugging TextDrive about what the plan is to bugging TextDrive about when they’re going to implement it. It’s also a smart move to simplify the service levels, because I’m sure it was causing no end of headaches keeping track of who got what when, and where they upgraded to.

Once again, the excitement and enthusiasm of the whole Joyent crew for what they do is palpable, and it’s no small thing: it leads to the substantial and loyal following they have.