So, welcome to my blog. I actually started deploying and mentioning it sooner than expected, prompted by Apple’s media event. It provided a lot of food for thought, and it didn’t really fit my other main online outlet, so I put those musings here.

I hope to have a chance to import some relevant content from my old livejournal (since May 2000!), which had been my previous blog platform of choice. It still has a place, I think, for much more personal musings and as a somewhat social hangout. The geekier and more political entries could find their home here. If I still have emo or personal things to post, they should still live at livejournal. I don’t want to be that kind of blogger, putting everything out in the public to see, all in one feed. I’ve never attempted to be entirely anonymous, though, so anyone with a bit of initiative could find me.