A lifer, again

Damn Joyent for continually being able to come up with products I want to buy. It’s clear that they tap into a psychological type, and I fit that profile. I’ve written about the freedom offered by Joyent’s pricing model for the “lifetime” plans, and all I can say is they’ve done it again: their virtual private server offering, the OpenSolaris-based “Accelerator,” has a limited-customer offer for “lifetime” hosting.

Never mind that Joyent have repeatedly denied that they would (or even could) offer lifetime hosting on this utility-computing-style product. They did it. And halved the price for existing customers like me.

Never mind that while I had been intrigued and tempted by the Accelerators, I set the idea of signing up aside for two reasons: I have numerous containers at my disposal with my OpenSolaris servers at work, anyway, and the extra month’s setup fee for an Accelerator didn’t make it worth it for me. I bought it.

Absolutely brilliant of them: provide a product that I wouldn’t pay $150 to try, but pay $500 more to “buy outright.” I’m freed up from the pressure of having to take advantage of it right away. What surprises me most right now is that there is no news of the offer ending, yet. I would have sworn that there would be 200 takers within hours.