Alu-mac’ iMacs due next month?

Yes, it’s The Register, and yes, other rumour sites are throwing doubt on the idea, but El Reg asks, are the ‘Alu-mac’ iMacs due next month?:

We’ve got around a month to wait before Apple unveils the anticipated next-gen iMac design, it has been claimed. Expect to see the 20in and 24in machines on shop shelves between the middle of July and mid-August, moles maintain.

Earlier this month, it was claimed the new models, which are said to sport a stylish, Mac Pro-like aluminium all-in-one enclosure, might see the light of day by now. No mention of the machines was made at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference last week, though last-minute schedule shifts were likely, the sources claimed.

Could this be the definitive shift in the product line whereby brushed metal is the new white as I predicted? The twist here would be to push aluminum down to the bottom-end products, making the high-end products less attractive with the design ubiquity, and forcing the fashion-conscious to upgrade with the next high-end fashion. We’ll see.

(Via The Register - Personal: Mac Channel.)