Fake Steve’s further thoughts on music

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I usually try to keep musicdescri.be away from fictional commentary, but Fake Steve Jobs comes remarkably close to what I wanted to say when I commented on (the real) Steve Jobs’s Thoughts on MusicThe music industry have finally figured out what we’re doing:

…They woke up one day and realized that we’ve got 80% share of digital downloads. Suddenly all the power in the value chain resides in one player. Oops.

Here’s the thing. These guys could have done what we did. In the early days of the Internet, everyone figured the majors would build digital distribution arms. But they didn’t do it, because they didn’t understand technology, and they didn’t want to invest in building this expertise, and they were freaked out about piracy and paralyzed with fear. So we stepped in. We made the big investment. We hired programmers. We developed software that’s easy to use and works flawlessly. (If you think that’s trivial, think again. It’s huge.) We ran the system. We promoted it, we marketed it, we haggled with all the majors and struck deals. We took all the risk, which was considerable. Now we’re reaping the reward. And the majors want a bigger slice. Um, for what? We did all the work. Ain’t gonna happen, slick.

The remainder of the post is similarly salty, blunt, and insightful. As I’ve commented on my other blog, “writing in character and adopting a persona really can free one up, not only for iconoclastic pronouncements, but for making real insights.”