iTunes High-Definition coming soon! (again)

I, like Blackfriars, am holding on to my hope that next week’s iPod announcement will offer the beginnings of Apple’s high-definition strategy. Blackfriars asks, “High-definition video putting the special in next week’s Apple Special Event?“:

Speaking of the Internet bringing the end of TV as we know it, everyone seems to be expecting new music and iPod offerings at the Apple Special Event in Moscone Center on September 5. But what has gone more or less unnoticed is the fact that Akamai, Apple’s long-time Internet content partner, has announced that it is adding high-definition video to its Internet distribution offerings.

A coincidence? Perhaps. But add the fact that Apple TV, a product whose revenue is being recognized as a 24-month subscription model like the iPhone, sports high-definition outputs, yet has no high-definition iTunes content yet, and you’ve got a high-definition shoe ready to drop sometime; the only question is when.

Well, I’ve been wondering the same thing. Back in April, I outlined that it’s certainly technically feasible: There’s a new extension to H.264 that allows an additional video stream to enhance the basic stream that’s there. iPods and iPhones would only need to sync with the basic 640×360 pixel stream that the iTunes store already delivers. An AppleTV, Intel-based Mac, or G5 Mac would be able to read both video streams at once, combine them, and show 720p high definition.

I could once again be blinded by the possible and the (personally) desirable over “likely.” Apple could well excite people enough with the new iPods. The movie studios may well be holding out for rentals (though Blackfriars has some thoughts on that, as well) before handing Apple the keys to the HD castle as well. The combination of the Beatles, new iPods, and Hi-Def may well be too much for such an event: Hi-Def may not materialise this year.

But I’m hoping.

(Via The Macalope.)