iTunes Plus gets a boost

Hey, has anyone else noticed that there has finally been a boost to the iTunes Plus library on Apple’s iTunes store? I noticed while browsing the iTunes Wi-Fi music store, but confirmed it using the normal store.

There are some notable things about it:

  • The independents have arrived: it’s not a cluster of further EMI songs, but rather they appear to be from small labels.
  • The per-track price of the iTunes Plus (DRM-free, 256kbps AAC) tracks are $.99, not the increased $1.29 price. See, for example, the new Iron & Wine album’s listing. The album costs $9.99, but the individual tracks are still only $0.99.
  • As of this writing, the FAQ has not yet been updated: it still says that “iTunes Plus songs are available at $1.29 per song.”

Which came first, the agreement with the indies on the new price, or Amazon’s MP3 store? From where I sit, this looks like a reaction to Amazon, which seems like a first for Apple with the iTunes store.

Oh, in case anyone is curious, but hasn’t been following my Twitter feed, I got an iPod Touch last week. It’s magnificent, and a delight to use. It’s even more of a joy to demo it to my colleagues and friends around here. They’re very impressed with the price (£199), as well.