Notes on using Time Machine to a ZFS backing store

I’m trying to set down the steps that I did to enable me to do Time Machine backups to an AFP store on top of ZFS running on OpenSolaris. It just happens to be the combination I’m running. There’s no real need to combine all these steps as they apply to you: I just want to make note of what I had to do.

First, I installed netatalk, mostly working from the instructions listed at confessions of a unix junkie. Since Leopard strongly deprecates sending AFP passwords in the clear, I had to build with OpenSSL. Since I used pkgsrc to build the dependencies, my ./configure command looked more like:
LDFLAGS=-R/opt/local/lib RANLIB=echo CC=gcc ./configure —prefix=/opt/local —without-pam —disable-ddp —disable-tcp-wrappers —disable-srvloc —with-bdb=/opt/local/include/db4 —with-cnid-dbd-backend —with-ssl-dir=/opt/local

The Diffie-Hellman Exchange UAM ( is fairly critical to use with Leopard, so the “unix junkie” recommendations for the cleartext password should be ignored.

With that accomplished, set up the backing store. For me, it’s a ZFS dataset (filesystem) on a centralised mount point. Make sure that the owner points to the user who will be using the AFP share (with a chown). Make sure the AppleVolumes.default entry for each share points to the right directory and user, such as:
/Storage/atl-backup “TimeMachine” rwlist:atl allow:atl

Once the mac could connect securely, there were only two steps needed. Allow Time Machine to deal with unsupported AFP shares:defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1and tickle the mounted share into being recognised for this unsupported hack:
touch /Volumes/TimeMachine/

That was enough to get the backup started. As I’m still running the initial backup, I have no idea of the stability of this solution, but I hope to be able to report back. I also notice that reports say you must mount the “sparsebundle” disk image manually in order for the Time Machine recovery GUI to be of use.