I’m everywhere

I’ve taken another step in Lifestreaming (as I think they call it nowadays). I took an immediate liking to soup.io as an online RSS aggregator and blog. I had collected most of my content from around the web in the “lindsay.at/everywhere” link (“Preoccupations” on my home website’s menu). The problem was that it didn’t work so well all the time, and was often down. By redirecting to my soup page, I can now get a better-looking, more reliable stream of the content I excrete onto the web.

I also took an immediate liking to Posterous, a blog-by-mail site. The site isn’t particularly pretty or customizable yet, but it handles email input fairly deftly. I’m now treating it as a tumblelog, a receptacle for interesting and amusing links that I send to friends. With a simple CC, I can stick links on my site with trivial amounts of effort. When I get an iPhone, I can easily imagine it handling mobile blogging as well.

These two sites are also worth a mention in their very easy, no-commitment, no-password-or-signup approaches to enticing new users. Posterous simply asks for an email: they’ll auto-generate a URL for you. Soup similarly gently leads you down a garden path, asking for no personal data, simply for addresses to import. Well done, and it’s something that other sites will do well to emulate.