iPhone: IWOOT to OGOT

Véro Pepperrell posted at her blog on the new iPhone announcement:

However, the biggest change isn’t in the physical device. It’s all in the perception. Last time around, Apple was looking for early adopters, geeks and IWOOTs* to test-run their product in a giant, live usability testing session. Now that they’ve been able to watch us use the device, it’s time to reach out to the normobs with lower upfront costs.

[* Def. IWOOT: “I want one of those”, otherwise known as saddos like me who can’t resist the latest gadget, even at exorbitant prices.]

Back in the day of frequent IM conversation with Fraser Speirs, we jointly coined a term regarding price points, OGOT. It stands for the rather British, “Oh, Go On, Then,” and here signifying a price point that is perceived as being low enough for an impulse purchase. It’s low enough to break through any price-based purchase resistance. It varies per product or per person, but you know it when you see it.

That’s been the major focus of Apple’s revamped iPhone, to address the reasons for purchase resistance head-on. The biggest reason that affects the most people has been price. In the UK, £99 sounds absolutely reasonable for a full-featured mobile on a £30-35/month plan. Oh, go on, then.

The iPhone steps out of the realm of the élite device into the mass market. Fantastic!