Music hack day

I’m planning on going to the Music Hack Day in London in two weeks. I’ll be waving the flag for The Echo Nest and their fabulous APIs. There’s a lot being said elsewhere about it, but I wanted to send out a special welcome to French and Belgian hackers.

The hack day is being held at the Guardian’s offices neat Kings Cross, London. That puts it just a couple hundred metres away from the Eurostar terminal in London. So, for precisely the price of a round-trip fare to London, you can hop on an 8am train, get fed throughout the event, housed on Saturday night, and return Sunday evening. Nothing else to worry about. Well worth considering if you’re close to Lille, Paris, or Brussels. Oh boy, what I would have given for a weekend like this when I was living in Brussels…

So register right away: the spaces are now filling up fast!

And we can get up to antics like this:

(Which is just the Dissociated algorithm applied to video in synch with the audio, in the latest versions of the Echo Nest Remix API. In my opinion, it moves the image of the subject from being quirky to having serious battles with mental health.)