Provisioning an example app in 1 line of Python code, 2 minutes and 3 cents

This relatively brief walkthrough is an interactive Python session that shows how the py-smartdc library can be used to:

  • explore the Joyent Public Cloud offerings,
  • interact with Joyent’s SmartDataCenter API that is capable of managing both public and private clouds,
  • provision a basic SmartMachine,
  • install, configure and launch a web app with a single Python command,
  • manage selected parts of your cloud with the help of machine metadata.

I’ve been doing a lot of work using the Joyent Public Cloud in the past several months. Most apparent have been my py-smartdc and py-http-signature projects that are actually the first ones I’ve published on PyPI. They’ve mostly been to serve the goal of programmable, adaptable, repeatable, rapid deployments or cloud resources.

I’ve finally gotten around to saying something about it beyond Twitter. Well, this is a minimal blog entry, but it’s mostly here to point to a tutorial that I put together. IPython is actually an interesting resource that I’ll be exploring soon, but for now, you can look at how you can get trac (as an example of one of many apps) up and running remotely in about 2 minutes and at 3 cents per hour