Computational Remixology

I was an early user and contributor to The Echo Nest Remix API, and have started to write publicly about what I have learned.

I have created an overview of Remix, letting people know its benefits, its power, some important concepts for its data model, and ending with a short tutorial to show how intuitive the code can be.

Hopefully complementing the overview is a multi-level explanation of how the below mixes were created on an algorithmic level, explaining them in metaphor, musical terms, and in code, all with numerous examples.

I also spent some time cleaning up documentation for the module, and after self-hosting a snapshot, the automatically-generated documentation for The Echo Nest Remix API is now hosted by the Googlecode project.

My contributions to the project were presented at DAFX09, in Como, Italy, and at PyCon 2010 in Atlanta, GA, USA. PDFs of the presentation slides for PyCon and the paper for DAFX09 are available.

I have also started to publish some resulting remixes, including: